the circle

the circle

“Go to the bond-maid circle,” said Ivar Forkbeard, indicating the circle he had drawn in the dirt.

The women cried out in misery. To enter the circle, of one is a female, is, by the laws of Torvaldsland, to declare oneself a bond-maid. A woman, of course, need not enter the circle of her own free will. She may, for example, be thrown within it, naked and bound. Howsoever she enters the circle, voluntarily or by force, free or secured, he emerges from it, by the laws of Torvaldsland, as a bond-maid.
–Marauders of Gor, page 44-45

Hair and accessories (Mask, bracers, necklace, and belt, also including the face tattoo) = Emo-tions Torunn set @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival Note: 50 L per play
Skin = AKERUKA Nora Vampire Dead Skin Mk1
Eyes = IKON Promise Eyes – Ice
Lashes = Miamai_XGen Lashes_Lust
Bloody lips tattoo = +REDRUM+ BLOODY LIPS
Body Tattoo = “A skin story” +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Tintable 2
Dress = .Shi : Toga Dress (XS) [Black]
Pose = Posesion – Walking Her 01

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