in strange subterranean realms, the drow

in strange subterranean realms, the drow

To me, the only true fascination I feel with elves is to the dark elves, the Drow. What is the attraction other than the fact they are represented so incredibly lithe and sultry and wicked and dark? Male Drow are even more beautiful to me than the females. And pretty males are interesting. You can’t deny that the artists and fans have put something really intense into the imagery you see of the Drow. They come from “trow”, the old Scottish word for a subterranean elf or troll that is known for mining and magic metal work. I’ve seen amazing imagery of drow in caves with gems that gleam in darkness. I wouldn’t mind some roleplay as a drow if it went dark and subterranean like that, but I haven’t found anything like that around.  This post is my major breaking of a guideline I set for Beauty Vamp Magazine, and it’s got me thinking today. I was going to focus only on the human figure and the vampire figure in the magazine, but what do I do with the gorgeous Drow and other figures of dark fantasy? Should I exclude them or include them in the magazine?  I will be thinking about this, as I find the choices that some people make in depicting demons and dark elves to be fascinating and suitably dark for the magazine.

The Drow are known for magical metal work, and it seemed suiting to use the Drow to model the amazing new Finesmith “VIBE” set in silver (it also comes in gold) because the work seems very shield like and magical, almost arcane to me. I love it! yay Finesmith, bravo for good bold design!

A special mention for MONS! If you want to create a very sultry and powerful look, while also remaining extremely beautiful and sexy, then try some MONS makeups because she goes bold on eyeshadows and liners while retaining the prettiness that we all seek and need. I found it helped my drow out tremendously to remember the beauty look with MONS makeups.

I almost forgot that I wanted to highlight the pose maker! This pose is by Ma Vie poses, the very same pose maker who used to sell their poses at Miamai. Now she has her own shop, and I honestly think she’s amazing at pose making. I try to especially visit there on Sundays to pick up the Lazy Sundays pose pack for 60 L. This pose is not on sale, but very nice for 50 L a single pose. Look for Ma View “The Sun 06” if you want this pose!.

in strange subterranean realms, the drow

Style Card:

Featuring the *NEW*:
FINESMITH VIBE silver (necklace, earrings, bracelet and rings)
Hair: (r)M Hair No.12’13 ~ Silver
Ears and Ear cords: *~*Illusions*~* Sylph Ears: Copy
*~*Illusions*~* Wrapped Cords Sylph/Copy
Tattoo: DREAM-INK-T.E.S-24-3L
Facial tattoo w/ Japanese script: [Actuate Eden] Repetition of Hate – No Lips
Eye makeup: MONS / Makeups – black eyeliner series-1
MONS / Makeups – Eyeliner Hippie
Eyes: MONS / Shocking eyes – black
Lipstick: .:Glamorize:. Victorian Vamp Black Lips
**Angelwing** Dark Goddess silks
.:Glamorize:. Victorian Vamp Black Lips
Nails:  …::: Scrub :::… Spyked Nails
Lashes: .::WoW::. Diva Lashes
Dagger: Ho Wear : Phoenix Moon dagger (there was a whole outfit, but I just use a dagger from it here)
Skin: cStar PLATINUM – Un!co – Silver Day 11 – Large (a VIP member gift, and not sure if it’s still available. May be good to go look in store to see!)

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